I have a passion for food.

I love cooking it, eating it, judging it (at the British pie awards) and watching it being cooked.

I love cookery programs – my favourites are the Masterchef series.

Having just finished watching all the episodes of Masterchef Australia that I had recorded, tonight when I’d tucked the girls up in bed I sat down to watch Masterchef the Professionals (UK).

And I noticed something.

Two cookery programs under the same Masterchef brand.

Each with very different formats.

The Australian version comprises around 60 episodes.

The U.K. version around half that.

There different numbers of contestants, different types of challenges and a different atmosphere / culture that distinguishes the two.

Same premise. You cook the very best you can to win the title of “Masterchef”

But the route to the title is unique to each program.

My business coaching clients often express concern that there are other people in their industry doing similar things to what they are doing.

Offering similar products and services at a similar price giving similar results.

And I always remind them that even if their business model, their pricing, goods and services were identical to the “shop next door”, there is always one HUGE difference that means that their clients’ experiences are unique.

And it’s true for you, too.

Grab a mirror. Take a look.

Because that’s the difference right there.

The difference is YOU.

What’s one thing that makes what you bring to the world unique?

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