One of my favourite equations is C>E.


Cause is greater than Effect.

Being at Cause in your life means that you are in charge of what happens. When people are on the Cause side of the equation, what they experience is the results they want to see in their lives.

Look around you at what’s showing up in your life. Your career, your relationship(s), your hobbies, your finances, your health and well-being are all a result of choices that you have made (and remember that not making a choice is making a choice too!). If you’re at Cause, you’ll experience results in the form of dreams realised, goals achieved and manifestations brought into reality.

On the flip side of the equation, the folks on the Effect side of the equation bring into their experience reasons why things don’t happen.

As an Australian, my phrase for people on the Effect side is the ‘gunnas’. Why ‘gunnas’? Because I often hear people say things like:

“I was gunna do it, but…”
“I was gunna go for a run today to kick-start my fitness regime, but the weather wasn’t right”
“I was gunna put my cv together targeting my dream job, but I just couldn’t get motivated”.

The gunnas love to share information with you about why they haven’t achieved their dreams.

The near relations of the gunnas are the ‘wouldas’, the ‘shouldas’ and the ‘couldas’. As in:

“I coulda done it, but Barry/Joan let me down at the last minute…”
“I woulda cleared the clutter in my apartment, but I didn’t know where to start”

You get the picture (and if you’re in the picture at this point, and recognise some of these statements similar to what you might say, then that’s great, because you’re taking the first step to moving onto the Cause side of the equation).

Being at Cause can be a challenge because it takes action. This action could comprise thoughts, meditation, or simply getting off your behind and doing something – using your physical, mental and/or emotional capabilities to move forward and take the first step and keep on going.
Remember the old Chinese proverb:

“Every journey of one thousand miles starts with a single step”.

Who is Driving the Bus?

Who is in control of your life? Are you driving the bus of your own existence or are you a passenger, reliant on others to lead you on your journey? Are you able to determine your own route, where you’ll stop and which passengers you’ll have on board or are you someone who lets someone else take control and, let’s face it, the blame if things don’t work out the way you want them to?

Are you the driver, who makes sure that there’s enough fuel in the tank for the journey, checks the tyres and the engine to make sure all the equipment is in the appropriate working order or do you rely on others to ensure that these things are done?

You are the expert on you.

You are in the driving seat of your life.

You can choose the route you take and the passengers you select to take on the journey with you.

In my coaching practice, clients will sometimes say to me “I was going to x, but the economy is bad” or “I was going to go to university but my parents wouldn’t support me” or “ I could have been x but…” They are on the Effect side of the equation.

The circumstances in these clients lives are all about what’s external to them – they believe(d) that they had no control over what happens in their lives because it all happens out there, external to them.


You are in the driving seat of your life. You make choices every day about what to wear, what to eat, who to interact with, what to do, what to think and even what to believe about the circumstances, people and events around you.

You hold the key to achieving your dreams.

When you become really clear about what you want in your life and you take action to go out and get it, nothing, not even that little voice in your head, will be able to stop you.

Except yourself.

That’s right – except yourself. Catch yourself if ever you see, hear or feel yourself moving onto the Effect side of the equation.

It’s pretty easy to pick up on Effect statements when you pay attention to them, because they sound exactly like excuses or reasons why not:

“I promised myself I’d get up early this morning and go for a run, but it’s too cold”
“I want to enter the Art Fair but I bet there are more accomplished artists out there than me and I’ll look silly”
“I’m really looking forward to the day when I meet the partner of my dreams, but I just can’t be bothered putting myself in situations where I will actually meet him/her”


Think about the dreams that you have for your life. Write down your top 5 goals or desires.

As you do so, be honest with yourself about which side of the equation you’re on for each one, particularly if they are things that you have perhaps had in the back (or the front) of your mind for a long time but for some reason, nothing’s happened for you to move forward towards achieving them or making them a reality.

Look back over your goals and as you read through what you’ve written, pay attention to the little voice inside your head, or the gut reaction that you have as you experience the articulation of your dreams.

Now ask yourself which side of the equation you’re on for each one. Be honest (no-one’s reading over your shoulder after all!) and note down what’s prevented you in the past.

Now ask yourself, how will I take action so that this reason / excuse doesn’t drag me onto the Cause side of the equation this time?

It takes 28 days to form a habit. So, for the next 28 days, each time you see, hear or feel yourself moving onto the Effect side of the equation, stop yourself and do something that you know will move you into Cause.

Essentially this will be about taking action of some kind, whether it’s making a phone call or listening to that piece of music that always puts you in a fabulous frame of mind, writing in your journal, adding to your vision board or reciting a positive affirmation to yourself.

You could pinch yourself, do a little happy dance or whatever makes sense for you – the key here is to do whatever it is that will move you back into Cause and into the driving seat of your own life.

Now’s the time to check the tyres, fill up the oil, fuel up and then you’re on your way – honking your horn to let the world know that you’re in charge of your bus, your journey and your life.

‘til next time – go get ‘em!

lara young business coach

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