Sydney’s Guide to the Law of Attraction

This morning, I was walking my three rescue dogs Alfie, Tilly and Sydney (pictured on the left) along the Grantham canal near my home in Belvoir, Leicestershire.

Sydney, a 9 month old Labrador puppy is in training and he’s making good progress learning a range of skills, including to wait, sit and to walk to heel.  Sydney’s puppy trainer says that the key is to give him treats really frequently in the early stages of training, so that Sydney knows that when he responds positively to my wishes, he is rewarded almost instantly.

As he learns to trust that the treat will be given, I am gradually increasing the time between Sydney’s response to my command and the provision of his reward.  Sydney is quickly learning that my request and his action will be followed by a positive response.  Sometimes this reward response will be quite quick, sometimes it will be slow.

But a positive response always happens.

Because Sydney trusts this process, he will patiently keep sitting / walking to heel / waiting until the treat is delivered to him.

Sydney’s dog trainer says that varying the treats is also important.  Sometimes, it’s little cubes of cheese.  Other times it’s small slices of chicken.  On some occasions, it’s mini dog biscuits.  It may not necessarily be a treat in the form that Sydney expects, but it’s a treat all the same (and sometimes the treat is even more tasty than he was anticipating!).

So too, the Law of Attraction.

When you first start to practice manifesting what you want to do, be or have in you life, you may tend to start small – looking for the evidence that what you ask for is given.  You begin by proving the Law of Attraction to yourself.

You may start by practicing sending requests out into the Universe for things that can be delivered with relative speed and ease.

In fact, many people start out by applying the Law of Attraction to manifest things like parking spaces, unusual rocks or feathers
or a even a free cup of coffee.  Attracting these small items increases confidence in the power of the Universe to deliver what we ask for and give our attention to.

I find that like Sydney, as my belief and trust that the Universe will deliver increases, so too does my belief that what I desire and focus on with positive intention will be manifested in my life.

I am learning to trust and to be patient, knowing that my ‘treat’ will be delivered 🙂

I am also learning that sometimes,  what we wish for doesn’t arrive in the form that we expected it to.  Sometimes, what the Universe delivers is even better than what we originally dreamed of doing, being or having in our lives.

So, as Sydney learns to trust in me as his ‘mum’ and trainer, so too do I learn to trust in the amazing power of the Universe and the Law of Attraction.

There’s a lot we can learn from man’s best friend!

Lara Young is a Life Coach, Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, Retreat Hostess and Author of the Your Life – Your Way  e-book and e-course series.

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