Life throws all sorts of experiences our way.

Similarly, if you are business owner, it means you’ll have to tackle all sorts of tasks and situations, good and bad. Hire and fire. Sell and refund. It’s all part of the process.

And while you’re IN this process, it helps to be resilient.

Knowing how to bounce back, having the right kind of support systems, along with confidence adaptability, is all vitally important if you want to succeed and stay “on course” to achieve your dreams in life and business.

But what exactly are the pillars that will hold you up when you’re faced with inner and outer obstacles like self-doubt, procrastination, changes in the economic landscape or even lack of time?

Here are 4 pillars of resilience and why they are so important to develop if you want to succeed.


You’ve got to have a why if you are to stay on course when things get tough. Your purpose is your guide. Your purpose will tell you whether to take up a project or not. Your life mission will dictate your actions and will help you keep going and sharing your message when in your mind it seems like there isn’t much point. Because your purpose is bigger than you, it will help you get back on track, should you need that help.


Confidence is a must. A lack of stellar self-belief will literally break you. You’ve got to believe in yourself, in your worthiness and in your dreams, because that’s the only way to make them happen. Whatever you don’t believe, will not show up in your life. That’s why confidence is such an important pillar of resilience. Believe in yourself and in your business, and there is nothing you can’t achieve.


Having the right kind of support system around you is crucial for those days when you feel like giving up. Your friends and colleagues, your mentors, your partner – they all should be mirroring your dreams, hopes and attitudes that you have on your best day. And they should be a mirror for those whether it IS your best, or your worst day.

This means that when you’re facing a tough choice or are feeling blue about your progress, your community should still be able to remember the flying high emotions you had last week and they should be able to remind you how that felt, helping you get back on track. You do not want a community that mirrors your bad day on your bad day. This leads to a pity party and them nodding their heads when you’re saying “maybe I should quit”. Overall, not the best scenario for bouncing back quickly.


Finally, we have adaptability. The 4th pillar of resilience. Because life doesn’t always go according to plan. And that’s okay. But if you can still adapt to those changes required by the change of plans, you win either way. Whatever comes your way, you CAN find a solution, change your plans and see an opportunity in the new situation. Change of plans is certainly no reason to give up on your dreams, on your business, on your goals. It’s just a minor detour. And usually, this is a detour that takes you through a much more scenic route, where you learn something you wouldn’t learn if things went according to your original plan. So you need adaptability to stay on course. Even if that course changes ever so slightly. 🙂

As you can see, there are many things that can and should support you when things get tough in business. And I am absolutely sure that you (yes, I mean specifically YOU) can develop all of those pillars of resilience to get the support you need.

Because this journey you’re on is meant to be enjoyed. With all its ups and downs. At the end of it all, you’ll look back and think “Thank goodness I stayed on course” and “I’m so happy to be here.”

Because there is nothing better than being exactly where you wanted to be.

Be resilient, love,

lara young business coach

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