You want to achieve your goals – but are you taking the consistent, inspired action you need to take make them happen?


Imagine this…


It’s a year from now and you’ve accomplished everything that you could possibly dream of and more.

Imagine how you would feel every morning when you wake up.

Imagine how you would choose to spend your time.

Imagine how your life would be different. How the life of your family would be different.

Imagine how you will feel.

You feel good right?

Now, let’s change tack

Imagine instead that it’s a year from today and you haven’t made any significant progress towards where you want to be. You’re still treading water. Stuck in the same place you were last year wishing things were different.

The fabulous life and flourishing business you imagined remain in the future.

How does that feel?

Here’s a question. How long have you had those dreams?

How long have you been telling yourself the same story about wanting to make “it” happen and then NOT taking the action you know you need to take to make your dreams and desires a reality?

Every day that goes by when you don’t take action, when you don’t commit, when you don’t move closer to achieving your goals, is another day wasted.

Another day of regret. Of “if only”.

Because you know that the result of doing nothing is that you achieve nothing.

You’ve got dreams. BIG ones.
Let’s make them a reality.

To make “it” happen, you know you need more clarity, more confidence and a whole lotta courage.

You need a proven plan of action

You need a community that will keep you accountable and make you strong

You need access to the most up to date resources in life and business design.

You need to develop the mindset for success using tried and tested tools that you know will work for you time and again.

You need the systems and processes in place to take the actions that will move you from where you are now to where, in your heart of hearts you want to be.

What is the She Makes it Happen! Business Accountability Bootcamp?

The She Makes it Happen! Business Accountability Bootcamp is home to tools, resources and motivation for you to unleash your personal and professional potential.

To be the best that you can be.

To get clear about what you want, to create a plan and take the action that you need to take to make it happen.

To no longer make excuses or let self-sabotage or limiting beliefs hold you back from who you are meant to be, how you are meant to show up in the world.

I’m passionate about helping others to live their dreams. And because I’m lucky enough to be doing just that, I wanted to give access to my best resources for creating an amazing life and business to as many people as possible.



She Makes it Happen! Business Bootcamp is a high-octane accountability hub jam-packed full of support, courses, tips, coaching and resources that will propel your dreams from your vision board to reality.


You’re tired of flitting from one idea to the next, being inconsistent, not taking the action that you know you need to take to make your goals a reality now.


You’re ready to accept that creating a life and business that you love doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s quite easy when you’re part of the She Makes it Happen! Business Accountability Bootcamp.


You’re ready to join a community where you can get the push you need to stay on track, be held accountable for achieving your goals and start to take the action that you know will lead you to the results that you desire.


You’re ready to eliminate the feelings of fear, doubt, isolation and guilt that seem to undermine your best intentions. You’re ready to stop wasting time and get started taking the inspired action that will lead you to where you want to be.

When you join the She Makes it Happen! Business Accountability Bootcamp, you will:


Get 100% clear on what you want from your life and business


Become so committed to taking the RIGHT type of action that ‘doing the work’ feels easy for you


Cultivate the mindset and the habits that will propel you forwards, even when the going gets tough


Receive the toolkit you need to build and grow your business, get that promotion or kick-start the next step in your career


Be a part of a supportive, interactive community of women just like you to cheer you on, kick your butt, celebrate your wins and confirm that you are not alone


Create the action plans you need to make your dreams a reality


Learn the exact steps to take to overcome inner and outer obstacles to success


Skyrocket your confidence, self-belief and courage so that you unleash the superhero inside


Create the relationships you crave in love and in life, so your dreams are supported by your very own cheer-squad


Go from feeling “there’s got to be more than this” to “I’ve got it all!”

Join She Makes it Happen! The Bootcamp and you’ll enjoy:

Access to live and self-study courses and resources to up-level your life and your business

The ultimate clarity course – Create Your Dream Life, Sister! (reg: £197) is included in your membership. Enjoy a 20% discount on other selected courses, retreats and VIP days.

Monthly themes and challenges designed to propel you forwards and to take the action that you need to take

Live challenges each month will help you to develop the clarity, confidence and courage you need to create your dream life and business. Participate in our regular achieve-a-thons to get things done.

Regular Guest Experts

Learn from the best with regular guest appearances and content from leading experts in life and business transformation.

20% Discount!

Enjoy a 20% discount off Courses, Retreats, 1:1 Coaching Packages and VIP Mastermind Days

Accountability Circles

You + me + 3 other group members meeting 1 x each month to provide support, accountability and focus on getting things done.

Monthly Courses

Live training on a mindset / business / life changing topic each month

Detailed, step by step workbooks, checklists and planners that make doing the work a no-brainer

Instant access to download workbooks, cheat sheets, video training and resources

Facebook Community

Join other amazing women just like you in our inspiring, supportive and motivating community

Fortnightly Group Accountability Calls

Live calls with Q&A based on the monthly theme. You’ll have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching with Lara Young. All coaching calls will be recorded and added to the members’ area.

She Makes it Happen! Business Accountability Bootcamp is open for enrollment




Courses and Resources


Getting the day off to a productive start is essential for making it happen. You’ll craft a morning ritual that works for you.

Your step by step guide for setting a goal and then making it happen. Take the actions that REALLY make a difference.

Understanding what makes you tick is essential in developing strategies for making it happen in your life and business. This guide helps you to get in touch with who you REALLY are.

There are 10 steps that you can take to guarantee your success in achieving goals in any area of your life. And they’re HERE.

Attracting leads for your business through a value-packed and compelling opt-in or lead magnet is key to growing your tribe. Take these actions and build authority and relationships.

Creating a 90 Day Plan is the foundation for identifying the key themes and actions you need to take in your business. We go step by step to create a 90 Day Plan that’s right for you.

This is your opportunity to join the She Makes it Happen! Business Accountability Bootcamp for just £27 per month and achieve the results you desire.



Making it  happen…

In one session with Lara, I found my FOCUS and my CLARITY for my business again. I had been lost, spinning my wheels, doing so much but still not meeting my goals. I was trying to juggle too many balls. I had the experience, I had the education and training, but I was struggling to attract the types of clients and projects I really wanted. Every word from Lara was a gem. I furiously scribbled at least TEN pages of notes while we chatted. I look forward to working with her more and I am ever-so-grateful for the experience. She has completely changed my business! If you’re on the fence about working with Lara, do it! You won’t regret it.


The Copy Barista

Thank you for my coaching call †oday – I absolutely loved it! You quickly identified some of the key issues I’d become stuck on and immediately I felt inspired to get moving with my business. Your style is very warm and friendly and I felt we had an instant connection. I’m now booking on the VIP session and am very much looking forward to working with you. Thank you again xx



Lara is a great coach, direct, honest and very easy to talk to. Our coaching session left me feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take on new challenges in my business.



Meeting with Lara was a complete pleasure. She is open, strategic, and really knows her stuff. She really understood my message and my ideal clients. I highly recommend her.


Lara provided me with a very helpful and informative coaching and mentoring session for my business. Being in a similar field, she has a wealth of information. She is also very personable and genuinely wants to help. Thank you, Lara!


OnPurpose Leadership

Hi! I’m Lara.


During my 20+ years of experience as a business consultant, master and trainer of NLP, retreat facilitator and coach, I’ve helped more than 2000 people realise their potential in life and business.

As a busy mother of 2 young daughters and owner of 3 successful business, I know what it’s like to juggle priorities and to create the time to make your own dreams come true.

I’m here to share with you my no-fail systems, strategies and support so that you can rise up, step out, and design the life and business you deserve.

After all, you can’t high five yourself.

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