Yesterday, my daughter’s nursery teacher remarked how kind she is towards her classmates. This observation got me thinking about ways in which we can bring more kindness into our lives and into the lives of others. Starting in this moment.

Let’s begin with a definition of kindness.


  1. The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
  2. A kind act.

This definition makes it delightfully easy to identify two ways in which we can increase the kindness around us.

1. Do something kind for yourself; and then

2. Show kindness towards someone else.

These random acts of kindness can take any form you like – some examples include:

  • Saying positive things to yourself and others {notice how giving a sincere compliment really brightens someone’s day 🙂 }
  • Practicing self-care: taking a bubble bath, reading a book, cooking a lovely meal, having a massage, meditating, writing in your journal, having an adventure in your own city, taking a day off
  • Giving your seat on the tube, bus or train to someone else
  • Bringing treats into your workplace to surprise your colleagues
  • Writing and sending a friend or family member a postcard telling them what you most love about them
  • Helping someone to complete a task so that it frees up their time to practice self-care
  • Offering to babysit for a friend or family member so that they can have a day or night out

Whatever forms your acts of kindness take, rest assured that you’ll have created a ripple of happiness and positivity with no logical end.

How brilliant is that?

Remember, please share examples of your random acts of kindness in the comments section below or over on the Design Your Fabulous Future Facebook Page.

Yours in kindness,

Lara Young Business Coach

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