Have you ever heard the old Polish saying “not my circus, not my monkeys?”

Well, sometimes it IS your circus and they are your monkeys. Sometimes it is your problem and you need to take action and deal with it.

You can’t always ignore what’s going on around you or in the lives of those around you. Your friends, your family, your children, your business.

And turning a blind eye, isn’t going to change anything.

Saying “it’s not MY problem” may be true on the surface, but by ignoring others when they ask for or clearly need your help may only make things worse in the long run.

I’m raising two daughters as a single mum and the very nature of the mother / daughter relationship is that their problems ARE my problems – however big or small they may be.

They got the blue cup instead of the pink cup, the sock is proving impossible to put on, the shoelaces won’t tie, the school friend doesn’t like me, the scraped knee, a lost toy bunny.

It is my circus and they ARE my monkeys.

I’m teaching my girls resilience. Have the pink cup tomorrow. I’ll help with that sock, you do the other one. How about I show you and then you copy me? A deep breath, a cuddle and an “I love you”. A Frozen band aid. You go and have a look upstairs for Rosie bunny – what would Paw Patrol do?

In my business it’s the same.

Juggling website malfunctions, balancing client sessions with content development and marketing, “managing” the limited time I have.

Sometimes things are outside my control or my technical ability. Or they’re another person’s responsibility.

But they’re always my monkeys. They’re part of my circus.

Over the years I’ve invested in certification training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT, Law of Attraction and Coaching.

20+ years of coaching and developing others and hosting life and business retreats has given me the experience to know when it’s my problem and when it’s very clearly not. And to help others to do the same.

I’ve also become adept at knowing when to take responsibility and when to let go. When to direct my energy towards finding a solution and when to sit back knowing someone else is taking care of it.

Over the years I have developed the toolkit I need to establish my goals, stay on track when obstacles arise, keep my mindset focused on what I want to achieve and my beliefs supporting me in everything I set my heart and mind to do.

And that enables me to make it happen in my life and in my business. Every. Single. Time.

The good news is, you can do it too!

I’ve developed step by step training around the 6 pillars of resilience and once you’ve mastered these, you’ll experience transformation in your life and in your business.

You will be able to “Make it Happen”.

No matter the circus. No matter the monkeys.

You’re the ringmaster!

To learn more about how to make it happen click the button below.

Meantime, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Is it your circus? Are they your monkeys?

With all my best wishes,

Lara Young Business Coach

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