Creating a vision board is a wonderful way to bring your goals and dreams to life.  Whether you make yours in quiet reflection on your own or with a group of friends over a glass of wine, now is the time to add the extra dimension and focus to attracting what you want.

1.  Decide when you’ll create your vision board and, if you’re doing it with friends, send out the invites, with a list of what they’ll need to bring (see below).
2.  Set the mood with music and fragrances that you love.  Ideally, you’ll be in a room with plenty of natural light, or if you’re creating at night, with the right ambiance for your creative juices to flow.
3.  Step one is to focus on what you want.  Allow thoughts of your ideal life, what you want to do, have and   be flow through your mind and when you’re ready, flip through magazines, brochures, catalogues and the internet selecting images that look and feel right for you.

4.  Once you have collected all the images that resonate with you, reflect on and create some affirmations, poems or meaningful words that you’ll be able to say to yourself whilst enjoying looking at your vision board each day for example;  “I love being in a relationship with a partner who adores me”  “I enjoy all the success and rewards that my new job brings”  “I relish the time I have to create balance in my life” “I delight in my healthy and happy body”.  Using coloured paper, write or type these out, or cut out words from magazines to add to your collage.

5.  Once you have your words and pictures together, cut them out and arrange them on your canvas / cardboard / cork board so that they are compelling for you.  Adding additional touches such as ribbons, paint, tickets etc can also be a special part of the finishing touches.

6.  Hang your vision board somewhere where you will see it every day and spend time focusing on it with intent and most importantly, enjoying all the positive good feelings that you experience when visualising your dream life.

Most importantly, Enjoy!

What You’ll Need to Create Your Vision Board

You’ll need the following supplies to hand when you’re creating your vision board.

A Canvas or Cork Board
Magazines / Catalogues / Travel Brochures (wherever pictures of what you want appear!)
Coloured Paper
Music to set the creative mood!

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