Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Late last year in the She Makes it Happen! – with Lara Young Group, we were talking about what prevents us from achieving our goals.

The most common theme was that FEAR, in all its many forms, is a key emotion when it comes to being imprisoned by your thoughts. Fear literally super-glues you to your current reality.

Fear keeps you from moving forward and taking the steps that you know you need to take now, in this moment, to achieve your dreams.

Fear comes in many guises. Fear of:build your backbone sister
  • failure
  • success
  • being seen
  • being invisible
  • being rejected
  • making mistakes,
  • being discovered
  • remaining hidden… the list goes on.

The minute we let fear control us, we relinquish our own power.

The minute that we think the thoughts that lead to the emotions that literally immobilise us, we prevent ourselves from taking positive action towards our desires.

The extra-ordinary thing about fear is that it’s mostly based on thoughts about events, situations and potential circumstances that are simply NOT REAL.

Essentially, fear is a physical reaction to figments of our imagination.

Physiologically, fear is triggered by a chemical reaction in the brain known as the Amygdala Hijack – the flight or fight response.

Fear in it’s purest form is there to keep us safe and protect us from harm.

And it certainly has a place when it prevents us from walking down that dark alley late at night.

What Fear is not there to do is to control us and prevent us from choosing to walk our path in life, to shine a light on that dark alley and discover that it’s perfectly safe after all.

Fear is not there to disable our ability to act by sending us into procrastination, negative self-talk or playing small.

So how do we overcome our fears?

The antidote to fear is COURAGE. And you have so much courage within you. Pay attention to your courage. Nurture it. Take it out for walks.

Remind yourself of the many courageous steps you’ve already taken on your journey in this life. Write down all the brave things you’ve done in your life so far. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve achieved by putting your fears to one side.

Identify the fear or fears that hold you back. Then sit with them awhile.

Think of something that you’ve been too afraid to do.

Then take a piece of paper, or your journal and write down the answers to these four questions:

1. What would happen if I did?

2. What would happen if I didn’t?

3. What wouldn’t happen if I did?

4. What wouldn’t happen if I didn’t?

By identifying and then challenging your fears, you’re on your way to achieving what you desire in your life and business.

Next, take action.

Every day, take one inspired action towards making your desire a reality.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Several times a day, say this simple affirmation “I can. And I will”

Because you will, can’t you?

More on the discussion about overcoming your fears over in the Build Your Backbone, Sister! Facebook Group, but for now, what’s the one step you will take today to build your courage?

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