C is for CreativityWelcome to Week 3 of Word of the Week.  This week, it’s all about adding a dash or two of creativity every day.

There are many ways to be creative – in your cooking, through artistic expression and also through your thinking.

The challenge this week is to express your creativity through everything you do. You could:

1.  Write something for example a short story, poem or journal entry or even begin your first novel

2.  Make something for example, you could make an affirmation book (like the one I made in the picture below) crochet a rug or create a dream catcher or mandala

3.  Photograph something / someone and frame it in a unique way (or photograph yourself and add  it to your vision board (see
7 below)

4.  Cook something new – try that recipe that you’ve been wanting to try for ages or even have a night where you simply open your fridge and cupboards and get creative with the ingredients you find there

5.  Consider a decision or problem you’ve been wanting to make or solve and apply some creative thinking to it (I’ll share some creative thinking tips later this week!)

6.  Rearrange your home to reflect your creative side – add a dash of colour, set up a studio or create a corner where you can flex your imagination

7.  Create a vision board to express what you want to do, be or have in your life

There are so many ways to be creative – what will you do this week to embrace creativity?

Looking forward to seeing the results

Lara Young Business Coach

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