You’ve got great ideas. An entrepreneurial spirit.

A willingness to roll-up your sleeves and get the job done.

You’ve got grit. And you’ve got determination.

You’ve got your own business ideas—and big potential.

There’s just one little problem: You don’t know what to do next.

Your head is spinning. You consider tweaking your website, downloading another free e-book or buying another course.

By the end of the day, you’ve achieved almost nothing…as if time has just slipped through your fingers…

You can’t grow your business without a solid foundation and systems that align with your long-term goals.

You need structure – a clear direction, focus and a plan to make it happen.

And you need it all tailored to you.

You want to wake up every morning knowing the actions that you need to take to propel your business forwards and achieve the profitability, the results and the freedom that you desire.

You know that once you’ve got a rock-solid business foundation, you’re ready to fly!

When you work with me, you’ll gain access to a unique bundle of secret-weapon strategies, templates, inspiration and actions for growth to accelerate your progress faster than ever before.

Together, we’ll build the platform from which your business will soar. We’ll identify your business goals and the specific action steps that you’ll take to get there.

Every light bulb moment will lead you to faster, easier problem solving, more satisfying customer connections, and rapid growth both in and outside the office.

My work as a business strategist and coach is driven by a simple idea:

Success leaves clues.

I’ll show you how to spot these clues and how to identify the signposts that point the way to passionate profit.

So you’re never directionless or confused about which next step to take.

Plus you’ll hone your internal GPS—the voice inside you that already knows exactly who you are and what you want. You’ll develop your resilience, uncover your superpowers and learn how to manage your time and energy.

You’ll be able to stop seeking advice in all the wrong places (like your play-it-safe sister or your bored-to-tears cousins at Christmas dinner) and trust in your own knowledge, skills and abilities to make it happen.

We take these clues and intuitive guidance, couple them with everything I know about achieving business success and assemble easily implementable 90 day plans that are totally you.

When you rely on soulful systems and your personalised plan, you get growth you can bank on—and more freedom to enjoy it.

Being an entrepreneur with big dreams and a big heart makes you unique in the business marketplace.

I know because I’ve walked way more than a mile in your shoes, and I know the unique perils and pleasures you face.

Hi! I’m Lara.


During my 20+ years of experience as a business consultant, master and trainer of NLP, retreat facilitator and coach, I’ve helped more than 2000 people realise their potential in life and business.

As a busy mother of 2 young daughters and owner of 3 successful business, I know what it’s like to juggle priorities and to create the time to make your own dreams come true.

I’m here to share with you my no-fail systems, strategies and support so that you can rise up, step out, and design the life and business you deserve.

Making it  happen…

In one session with Lara, I found my FOCUS and my CLARITY for my business again. I had been lost, spinning my wheels, doing so much but still not meeting my goals. I was trying to juggle too many balls. I had the experience, I had the education and training, but I was struggling to attract the types of clients and projects I really wanted. Every word from Lara was a gem. I furiously scribbled at least TEN pages of notes while we chatted. I look forward to working with her more and I am ever-so-grateful for the experience. She has completely changed my business! If you’re on the fence about working with Lara, do it! You won’t regret it.


The Copy Barista

Thank you for my coaching call †oday – I absolutely loved it! You quickly identified some of the key issues I’d become stuck on and immediately I felt inspired to get moving with my business. Your style is very warm and friendly and I felt we had an instant connection. I’m now booking on the VIP session and am very much looking forward to working with you. Thank you again xx



Lara is a great coach, direct, honest and very easy to talk to. Our coaching session left me feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take on new challenges in my business.



Meeting with Lara was a complete pleasure. She is open, strategic, and really knows her stuff. She really understood my message and my ideal clients. I highly recommend her.


Lara provided me with a very helpful and informative coaching and mentoring session for my business. Being in a similar field, she has a wealth of information. She is also very personable and genuinely wants to help. Thank you, Lara!


OnPurpose Leadership

Your business will never be one size fits all and that’s why I do things differently than most business coaches.

I’ve got two decades of hands-on experience transforming leadership in global corporations.

That means you get access to the strategic planning and implementation techniques of the world’s top 1% of businesses, along with the personal development you need to shine as a leader in your field.

I specialise in holding up the mirror so that your business is a true reflection of your own unique personality, skills and the awesomeness you’re bringing to the world.

So you rocket through ah-ha moments, develop intimate client relationships, and learn how to manage and lead yourself through the ups and downs every entrepreneur needs to navigate.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10+ years, with consistent profits despite constant evolution (and one spectacular business fail!).

Part of being an entrepreneur is the creative impulse for change. I’ll show you how to apply the art of resilience to design a business that keeps pace with your desire for personal growth.

I’m as passionate about your unique business model as you are.

Sounds like a line, right? It’s not. Just last week I popped out of bed at 3am to scribble down a genius idea for one of my clients. When we work together, you get more than a trusted advisor—you get a collaborative partner who is fully invested in your success.

After working with me as part of a Mastermind, VIP Day or 1:1 Coaching experience, you’ll be able to:

  • Communicate more effectively, close more sales, and create happier clients by getting to know them and what makes them tick
  • Earn the money you deserve by providing the value your clients truly want
  • Stand tall in your identity as a true entrepreneur, one who isn’t afraid to assess what’s not working and adjust your sails accordingly
  • Recharge your passion and entrepreneurial spirit by connecting to your unique possibility, potential, and purpose

By eliminating the “solo” in solopreneur, you’ll discover the secret to rapid business growth.

You can’t high five yourself!


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